DellEMC Server

DellEMC Server Customiser Prototype Server customiser About A prototype server customiser using physics based interaction, designed for use in sales and education. Using a modular system, any component can be taken apart or exchanged for limitless combinations, helping the client visually customise their product and learn how it interacts.  

Engine House

Cornish Engine House A historic visualization of an 19th century engine house About A Historic visualization of an old Cornish engine house, modeled from old photos and drawings and animated with a physically accurate beam engine rig.   360 video

Realistic Rendering

Realistic Rendering Full Scene Conversion from 3dsmax/Corona to Realtime/VR About Provided with the scene files we created a near perfect conversion from 3D 70m² apartment to VR version. We used a more desaturated approach, increasing realism while being easier on the eyes in VR. Slide to compare