M.O.C.O & CHU Montpellier

Application developed in partnership with Dell and MOCO for patients at the Montpellier University Hospital


This application allows patients at the Montpellier University Hospital to get away from it all thanks to a VR headset. They are lucky enough to be able to visit the MOCO and get out of the hospital walls.

  • 360 ° visit of the MOCO museum in Montpellier
  • Integration of videos, text, POI ... with explanations of each work available during the visit
  • Creation of a 3D puzzle game at the end of the experience
  • App developed for virtual reality

Regarding the equipment and their hygiene, We use autonomous VR headsets (Oculus Quest) to allow a simplified VR experience. Disposable helmet protectors are also used.

Benefits : 
Patients can easily visit the museum. Really, this support immersive allows patients to visit this cultural space without having to travel.
The CHU raises awareness of the accessibility to the reduced culture of patients during their long hospital stay.
The MOCO museum truly democratizes culture by making it accessible to all.