360 Capture

Do you want to present your facility or your offer in an innovative way ?
Our 360 Capture service will give you the opportunity to exhibit your company and its offer clearly.

Your virtual tour can be broadcasted in virtual reality, html, mobile, etc.

How do we create your 360 Capture project together?

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Our content creation agency offers you a great solution to show your facility or the goods you promote as a real estate agent. 

Let's imagine your 360 Capture together!

Let's meet to discuss your needs: an innovative visit of your premises or the visualization of a property you are promoting?

Define your 360 tour according to your expectations: the premises to be filmed/photographed, the visit's sequence, the desired shots, etc.

We will then be able to determine the scenario and get back to you with a quote within three working days.

We handle the creation of your 360 tour.

Following your approval, we will go to the desired location to film the 360 tour. Then, we will stage the shots/images according to the scenario that we will have defined beforehand.

Throughout this phase of processing the shots/images, you will be kept informed of the progress. This will allow you to adjust your request according to the renderings. At any time, we will be able to modify the content of the 360 tour.

Go further and make your 360 Capture interactive.

At this stage of the project, the production of the 360 tour can be considered complete. However, your 360 tour can be enhanced with interactive features of your choice: addition of explanatory texts, display of videos when an item is selected, etc.

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Broadcast your 360 tour where you want.

Your 360° tour is ready to be put online on your website, social networks or search engines such as Google.

Why would you pick the 360 Capture?

Stand out from your competitors and modernize your company's image!

  • Simplified visualization of the premises: this immersive technology comes close to a real visit. It allows visitors to really project themselves into your working space or your properties for sale/rental.
  • A new format: this type of visit is more fun than traditional photos. This translates into a 100% attention rate and a double click rate on the ad that is accompanied by a virtual visit.
  • Accessibility: the virtual tour can be viewed anywhere and anytime. In fact, it is compatible with all media: PC, tablet, mobile and VR.
  • Increased visibility: the presence of a 360 tour on your website ensures better natural referencing in search engines.
  • Saving time for promotion: setting up an appointment or organizing a real visit is no longer necessary. Indeed, your customers will not have to travel. From a distance, they will be able to make their decision, adjust the offer to their needs and let you know.

You have a question or an idea?

If you have an idea or a specific project in mind, please let us know via the contact form below !