3D design

Do you have a project that requires visualization before the actual implementation?
This project relates to a training, projection or sales tool. We will be able to meet your needs with our 3D design service.

Our 3D virtual environments are designed for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), HTML, mobile, etc.

How do we design your 3D design project together?

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Our 3D content creation agency offers you the best solution to answer your needs : 3D configurator, virtual visit, training, sales tool...

Let's meet and discuss your 3D project.

This step is essential to establish the basis of your 3D project. You describe your expectations and we find the scenario that will best represent your project.
Whether you come from the world of real estate, health, culture or large industry, we will define the most appropriate solution.

We take care of the creation of your 3D design.

Our environment artists come from the video game industry. It allows us to push 3D engines to their limits. Our softwares and development platforms are among the best performing ones on the market to date. Thus, we promise you a photorealistic rendering with a faithful quality.

You receive and broadcast your 3D application in the format you want.

Once the project is completed, we make it available to you via a digital delivery or a physical installation while providing you a training for the application.

What are the advantages for you ?

Click on your line of business to discover the benefits of 3D design. 

Real estate

You are a property developer in the residential, tertiary and/or single-family housing sectors ? Our 3D visualization tools will immerse your clients in your projects by developing and designing accurate, scalable overviews of the upcoming buildings.

1) We offer you a costumised configurator depending on your needs:

  • Creative exploration and precision: customize supplies, materials and colors. All the services you deliver will be integrated in the configurator.
  • Interactive map: your client can actually visit inside and outside the building. They can also select the assets they desire as said above.

2) You may need a simple virtual visit:

  • Save time and money:  your client being independent, he/she does not have to go to your agency.
Arts and culture

Our warranties

We create your 3D virtual environments and you share them they way you desire in VR/AR/HTML/mobile…


Reality and quality

Benefit from high quality rendering that immerses you in a new reality.


Interactivity and reactivity

Interact in real time during your VR experience. Customize, edit and move what you want!

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Portability and adaptability

Whether in HTML or in VR, you broadcast your application via the medium you want.

You have a question or an idea?

If you have an idea or a specific project in mind, please let us know via the contact form below !