Signify Interact Pro by Philips

3D Design and interactive tool for Signify (Philips)


This interactive 3D Design allows you to try different types of lightning via an app.

  • Customization of the lighting atmosphere
  • Customization of the lighting objects
  • Lighting connected
  • Display of automatic features : hourly programming, motion sensing, light dimming level, etc.
  • Interactive points of interests on products : link to the product's page online
  • Available in HTML

There are two working environments : the meeting room and the warehouse.

The meeting room

In addition to the hourly programming and sense motion, there are different kinds of lighting available depending on the atmosphere you want to give to the room :

  • Presentation
  • Concentration
  • Meeting

The warehouse

As well as the meeting room, there are different scenes at hand :

  • Security
  • Storage
  • Production

Besides, you can pick the the first alley and/or the second in order to save money and energy.