360° Capture

Offer a unique experience to improve engagement and user experience.

Capture 360 du MOCO de Montpellier
Capture 360 d'un stand sur le salon de l'immobilier

Our service allows you to capture a place, a landscape, a product, in order to integrate it into an immersive experience.

We are equipped with professional cameras that enable us to capture very high-resolution photos and panoramic videos.

Our services also include post-production, editing and delivery in different formats: 360° videos, panoramic images and virtual tours.

The main advantages.

As this tool is similar to a real visit, it gives the user a better view, making it easier to understand and remember the subjects. 

Distance is no longer a barrier. Let people from all over the world enjoy your experience. All your customers can take part remotely. 

The virtual tour can be viewed at any time, and is compatible with all media: mobile, tablet, computer, VR. 

Offer your customers a better user experience with an innovative approach. 

Each experience can be repeated several times, allowing you to broadcast it continuously to your customers and increase your visibility. 

By reducing travel, everyone can help to cut costs and reduce our environmental footprint. 

Real Estate.

By being far away, your customers can project themselves into the properties for sale or to rent that they are visiting virtually.

Tourism & Travel.

Offer immersive, interactive promotion of tourist destinations.


All participants who are unable to travel physically can take part remotely. 


Give in-patients access to different places or events and let them escape for a while. 

Art & Culture.

Publish a virtual version of each exhibition or art gallery to increase visibility and keep a digital version. 


Create immersive simulations of real-life situations to accelerate and enhance the learning process.

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