3D Modeling.

Enhance your products.

Propose an innovative tool.

Improve customer experience.

Our 3D modelling service allows you to create virtual representations of any type of object, product or environment.

Thanks to this technology, it is possible to visualise elements in three dimensions, making it easier to communicate, understand and take decisions.

Once the elements have been modelled, we can create several types of experience to suit your needs: Virtual showroom, sales support tool, 3D configurator, virtual tour, training tool... 

3D modelling has become an essential tool for most companies. It makes it possible to visualise products before they are manufactured, reduce prototyping costs and test designs.

The aim is to increase productivity and improve customer engagement.

Whatever your sector of business.

Discover the benefits listed by our customers.

Realistic visualisation of architectural designs.

Évaluation de l’impact des modifications de conception sur les coûts de construction.

More engaging presentation of designs to customers.

Fast, low-cost prototyping.

Workpiece preview before production.

Reducing waste and production costs.

Formation intuitive et interactive pour les étudiants dans des domaines tels que l’ingénierie et l’architecture.

Visualisation helps to increase memory retention.

Reduction in structural training costs.

Extending access to the general public and providing an innovative approach.

Make the viewer an actor in their visit.

Conserver numériquement vos expositions et pouvoir les diffuser à nouveau à tout moment.

3D simulation of medical interventions for better understanding.

Création d’outils interactifs sur le corps humain destinés aux étudiants. 

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